Islamic Law and Male Dominated Society

It appears that regardless of the Muslim Sect, they all seem to have Islamic Law as the foundational base, and with that the interpretations are fairly strict and tight, even if one considers Muslim Moderates, and “Islamic Light” – thus, the challenge for women compared to the freedoms known in Western Society will be a challenge as the world draws closer together in the future.

Many will claim that Islam was a step forward at its onset, and yet that was so long ago, some say it needs a major upgrade into the twenty-first century, in fact, I am one who believes this. I state my basis on the lack of freedom for women in most of the Islamic Nation States, which grant Islamic Law as the law of the land in their constitutions.

Some sects would contend that the Wahabi branch of Islam is far too strict and unfair to women, others say that any sect can be a problem if it is taken too far, or the fundamentalists of that nation or region gain too much power and then the entire culture and society moves backwards when it comes to what we in the Western World consider women’s rights. That whole concept doesn’t make sense to many male leaders, clerics, and the population in these countries.

Not long ago, I was talking with an American-Muslim woman who was born into Islam, is now Americanized and by Islamic terms would be considered an “extremely progressive moderate” and definitely in violation of Sharia Law. She indicated to me that it was interesting that in many countries women are treated as second class citizens, and yet, for instance, in Pakistan the voted and “then re-elected Benazair Bhutto the prime minister”

Yes, that is rather interesting isn’t it? My American-Muslim online acquaintance explained to me that she was studying Sufism, a branch of Islam which is somewhat mystical, it still uses Islamic Law as its base, but many in that sect believe they are above Sharia Law, and that “the most important part of Sufism is that; it emphasizes the “Loving God” and all Sufi poetry is around Love…divine love.”

Well, yes, “Love is all you need” – Beatles.

Sounds good from an American standpoint and yet it still holds Islamic Law as the foundation, and that would of course trump US Law here at home, or any government law, in any other nation, which can cause issues one would suppose. Nevertheless, a “Loving God” and a religion that teaches love, sure beats the concepts of Jihad’ism. However, we should also realize that Jihad is part of Islamic Law which is still the base of Sufism. It’s almost as if you can’t get away from it.

Even if a religion teaches love on one-side of the equation, that does not mean that some clerics, masters, or religious leaders will not evoke their followers to repel those they consider their enemies. Perhaps, we as Americans need to be thinking here? So please think on this.

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